We create the music that the music makes us make, whereby each song points us at the genre that seems right for that song instead of making the song fit into a prescribed genre. Let's call it singer-songwriter.
youtube streaming playlists of live performance videos and of art production videos. There is an eclectic playlist of more cinematic style of audio and a playlist of interviews and oddities.
“Birkett Hall play the kind of soul music that only comes around rarely on this spinning, crazy blue marble. Theirs is a sensibility that blends multiple influences seamlessly, alchemically creating new realms of experience..."
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“Gänsehaut stellt sich gleich beim ersten Stück ein... zwei außergewöhnliche, kraftvolle Stimmen...  zeitlos... Donnernder Applaus!…”
“Goose bumps right from the first song… two extraordinary, powerful voices... Timeless... Thundering applause!…"

“…BIRKETT HALL is an eclectic, highly creative, lyrically-driven duo from Canada, whose material has blues, folk, jazz, indie, rock and world music components…Their musical output ranges from subtle acoustic numbers to power electric anthems…”

“…deep poetic language…it is a unique genre-defying mix. As Mingus said ,” it’s MUSIC,” with a capital M. … Birkett Hall: Maestros of Sonic freedom, synergy, synchronous heartbeats.”

 re: Glockenback Bluesfest 2016 Munich Germany    
“Dieses unglaubliche Power Duo rockt und ist sicher eine der spannenden Neuentdeckungen in München… This incredible power duo rocks and is certainly one of the most exciting discoveries in Munich..."

Borneo Post, (about their performance at the KK Jazz Festival 2013 in Malaysia - performing under their previous name moscowfish).
"...Wowed the audience..."

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