Birkett Hall
Ea Birkett .. vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion…
Ted Hall .. vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica…

    “Birkett Hall play the kind of soul music that only comes around rarely on this spinning, crazy blue marble. Theirs is a sensibility that blends multiple influences seamlessly, alchemically creating new realms of experience. Years of film work in Canada, collaborations with Thailand’s finest musicians and traditional artists, the amazing live performances at the Half Moon Festival on Koh Phangan, technical brilliance in electronic/acoustic blends, deep poetic language…it is a unique genre-defying mix.
When you simply feel good around certain people and then add to that the bonus of great musicianship, isn’t that what Maestros are all about? Humbleness, dedication,and generosity of spirit too. Birkett Hall: Maestros of Sonic freedom, synergy, synchronous heartbeats.”
Liz Gilbert/Audiosapien Records/Hearth Foundation

Birkett Hall .. 2 birds

The Birkett Hall story is somewhat unusual.
This power duo left Canada in 2009 and lived in Asia for 7 years where they toured, recorded, produced and experienced an intense and life-changing zeitgeist. In 2016. Germany became their new home base and a new land of opportunity. Their music is powerful, lyrical, vocally strong and played with a lot of energy, and it comes from the roots of Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock and World Beat, and maybe even a little psychedelic thrown into the mix You could call it “Acoustic-Folk-Rock- Blue-Punk-Jazz-Indie- Singer-Songwriter”,or maybe you could find a more compact description, but the end result is a sound that is unique and undeniable. An acoustic/electric sound that is very personal. When one hears them one truly feels the stories their songs tell.

Strong lyrics, fat grooves and the tonal depth of a whole band. They take their energy from the audience and give it back with power and passion. From Stockholm to Brussels, from Thailand to Munich, bringing their unique and authentic sound to festivals, concerts and clubs throughout the Eurozone. Birkett Hall offers a truly unforgettable dynamic performance.

Thailand remained their home-base from 2009 to 2015 during which time they explored the possibilities there and in Malaysia, mostly focusing on festivals. In 2013 they started doing short tours to Europe during the warm months but always returning to Thailand to continue ongoing recording for their own projects and for projects with various Thai artists.

In 2010 they were drawn into the EDM scene by the owner of the HalfMoon Festival on Koh Phangan Thailand which is one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music hotspots in Southeast Asia, becoming the resident “chill-in live act” and they quickly developed a new genre of music fusing their singer-songwriter roots with Goa trance, resulting in an ambient, cinematic style with a heavy spice of Pink Floyd / Massive Attack / Portishead.

Their roots got sidelined for a time due to the influence of the EDM but in 2014 they consciously started to lean back towards their acoustic/electric foundation.

Please have a look at their side projects for more details on their collaborations with Dj’s and projects created while in Thailand.


2 birds
Out of It (as “Moscowfish” with Tud Nakhon)
Blue (Acoustic Roots)
Red (electronic based music)
Full Moon over Rex Ranch
CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) Sessions
plus many more as session artists, producers and co-producers…

A few quotes:

“This incredible power duo rocks and is certainly one of the most exciting discoveries in Munich…
    … Dieses unglaubliche Power Duo rockt und ist sicher eine der spannenden Neuentdeckungen in München…”
    (Downtown Blues Band re: Glockenback Bluesfest 2016 Munich).
    As moscowfish they “…wowed the audience…”
    (Borneo Post, about their performance at the KK Jazz Festival 2013 in Malaysia).

“…BIRKETT HALL is an eclectic, highly creative, lyrically-driven duo from Canada, whose material has blues, folk, jazz, indie, rock and world music components…Their musical output ranges from subtle  acoustic numbers to power electric anthems…”

Radio Wigwam UK


“…F@cken’ good poets…”
Don Pennington
Former CBC Producer


<img class="size-medium wp-image-43 aligncenter" src="http://www.birketthall.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ea-with-mic-close-up-colour-300x169.jpg" alt="ea-with-mic-close-up-colour" width="300" height="169" /><br /> Wether standing behind a microphone, playing guitar, harmonica, percussion or singing, she does it with her whole soul. Ea Birkett is the kind of artist that sees the film of the song in her head and this translates into a power and intensity of emotion carried by her unforgettable voice, guaranteed goose bumps. The combination of her body language; a cross between unconscious sign language and some kind of martial art, her intensity and her “one in a million” voice definitely reach through and captivate any audience.<br /><br /> Voice <br />Guitar <br />Harmonica <br />Percussion <br />Synth <br />Piano...<br /><br /><br />
<img class="size-medium wp-image-54 aligncenter" src="http://www.birketthall.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ted-with-guitar-300x169.jpg" alt="Version 3" width="300" height="169" /><br /> Ted has began his professional musical career at the age of 16. His live performance is unmistakably powerful, dynamic, sometimes wild, sometimes gentle. His studio contributions radiate originality and authenticity. He’s a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, slide guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, saxophone, drums, percussion and synthesizer). His musical philosophy and influences are very present in Birkett Hall and bring the performance to a passionate, thoughtful and powerful level.<br /><br /> Voice <br />Guitar <br />Harmonica <br />Percussion <br />Bass <br />Synth <br />Piano...<br /><br /><br />

Music is the road that we’ve chosen and are dedicated to follow.
Thank you for helping us to make our way. Every little bit helps.
Ea Birkett & Ted Hall