The following are some photos from various very talented photographers that have caught us here and there during our live performances.

From a Private Club in Bobingen Germany 01.09.18 photos by Dunja Dietrich

From a Private Club in Bobingen Germany 01.09.18 photos by Petra Kaiser

From Eddy’s Rock Club in Munich Germany 12.01.18 photos by Holgar Enghardt

From Eddy’s Rock Club in Munich Germany 12.01.18 photos by Der Blitzdings

From the Spectrum Club Augsburg Germany 02.02.17. One camera used by two excellent photographers enjoying a night out and catching a good show. Photos by Wolfgang John from and by Dunja Dietrich.

From the Spectrum Club Augsburg, Germany 02.02.17   Photos by Inge Sophie Berger

From the Spectrum Club  Augsburg Germany 02.02.17  Photos by Hebert-Heim Fotographie

The New Healing Festival  Germany  2014-2016  Photos by Martin Liebermann

With Malcom St-Julien Brown improvising with us at his venue Mal’s Scheune-Studio Weisenburg in Weisenburg  Germany  25.08.16  Photos by Karola Maria Wendler Karola Maria Wendler shot the photo currently being used for the Birkett Hall tour promotion. It is also one of the header photos on this site.


The following photos are from our instagram feed. Mostly impressions from the places we’ve been and the things that caught our eye.


Music is the road that we’ve chosen and are dedicated to follow.
Thank you for helping us to make our way. Every little bit helps.
Ea Birkett & Ted Hall