Here’s BlackWater, the first single from our new album release “Moons

This is our collection of videos, from live performance videos, to studio and mash-up creations.

Black & White series

Here is the growing black & white series of Live performance/recording videos that we are producing in our in-house studio here in Germany.

100 Man Crew (B&W) was written by our good friend Daniel Ross as a part of "The Last Spike" project by the Jones Collective which was song written to capture the essence of the founding of the Canadian Railway. It was a great pleasure for us to have been a part of that Jones Collective and the song has stayed with us since that time... a truly timeless piece.

Birkett Hall the Eclectic Collection

These videos are a mix of acoustic and electronic videos. Some of them are in the nature of art videos and some of them were all produced and edited in Thailand and some of them were produced and edited in Germany. You may notice that some of these videos where made using our old band name which was Moscowfish.

Buffalo Bones is dedicated to indigenous people everywhere struggling for their right to be respected and to generate respect for mother earth.
The music came to us when we were in Canada, the words when we were in Thailand. It was recorded near Potsdam in August of 2016, mixed in December and this video was born on christmas day.. Best wishes to the planet and her people.

Videos from our Red Album

These are a few of the videos for our Red Album which is singer-songwriter ambient chill “plugged”, recorded when we found ourselves signed on as the resident live band at the Half Moon Festival in Thailand between 2011 and 2014. Again, You may notice that some of these videos where made using our old band name which was Moscowfish.

Underwater is not what you expected..

Live Performance videos from around the world

These are all live performance videos. Some were performed on stages in Germany as Birkett Hall, and two more shot in a closed resort in Thailand (just before we changed our name). One was shot at 1500 meters high on a jungle mountain in Nakhon Si Thammerat Thailand, and another was shot in a field in Cornwall UK (also under our old name). Some are professional quality, and some of these videos were caught on a smart phone. And yes, once again, you may notice that some of these videos where made using our old band name which was Moscowfish.

We know there are more of them out there but so far these are the ones we’ve found.


Interviews and oddities

This collection is odds and sods that includes an interview from Malaysia at the Johor Bahru Arts Festival. An interview with Ted in Austria that proves to be quite funny, a part 1 and part 2 of Ted getting a haircut live on stage in Thailand .. many more to come

While looking for data to dump out of this old mac and I stumbled across this forgotten vid of Ted in 2014 Austria after sampling schnapps .. so let's call this "Ted Chats"

Music is the road that we’ve chosen and are dedicated to follow.
Thank you for helping us to make our way. Every little bit helps.
Ea Birkett & Ted Hall