This page starts with our latest release Buffalo Bones, and is followed by 3 separate albums:
2 Birds and Blue are singer-songwriter acoustic “unplugged” and/or studio recordings. Red is singer-songwriter ambient chill “plugged” which we recorded when we found ourselves signed on as the resident live band at the Half Moon Festival in Thailand between 2011 and 2014. An album that was strongly influenced by that new milieu. On it's own page, our "Blues Demo" is a live 1 take recorded demo representing a side of our acoustic singer-songwriter style that leans heavily in the blues direction.

Buffalo Bones (single - world music - last release of 2016)

 2 birds - first 2016 release

Album photo and artwork by Birkett Hall


BLUE Album - Acoustic (unplugged)

Blue album photo by Martin Liebermann, artwork by Birkett Hall


The Electric/Electronic chill sound comes in part from their unique approach to creating music in a digital studio, influenced by the musical philosophies of Pink Floyd, of Portishead, of Massive Attack, Akasha Project, Imogen Heap to name a few. The rest comes from their unusual ideas, intelligent lyrics, and by a voice you won't soon forget.

RED Album - Electric/Electronic (plugged)

Red album photo by Don Pennington, artwork by Birkett Hall

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