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Birkett Hall are involved in diverse side projects, producing and co-producing music with other artists. They also have the knack of finding extremely talented artists wherever they are on the planet for certain types of live engagements or recording projects. They are genuinely drawn to new and different approaches to creating music, either live on stage or in the studio.
They are often sharing audio files across the web, or doing special projects with near or far artists, digital audio files flying through the ether between Asia, Europe and Canada, or between the Thai islands and the mainland... Maybe it's a lead vocal, spoken word, or instrumentation, more often than not it’s  their free-form stream-of-consciousness improvisation that is  desired.
Much of Birkett Hall’s side work is credited to moscowfish, which is their previous band name and their songwriting and production name, but Birkett Hall is who they are now out in the world.
In 2012 they met Tud Nakhon at a festival soundcheck. Tud Nakhon is a prolific artist and is an icon within the southern Thai music scene. He incorporates both traditional sounds and a modern approach to creating music.
When they first met the communication was incredibly limited outside the universal language of music, but at this point in time they have all learned a lot more about each other, including their respective languages and sympathetic musical philosophy.
While neither is yet fluent in the others’ language, they communicated enough to complete “Out of It“, a new world music fusion project. A perfect blend of East meets West.


This video was recorded on the day after they first met on Koh Phangan in Thailand, and if you watch closely you can see that the communication is excellent yet non-verbal and the music appears effortless as they were all finding their way in that language non-language that is a new friendship and is the heart of music... a thing beyond borders.

And this video was recorded 3 years later, live in 2015 on top of a mountain in the Nakhon Si Thammarat National Park during a 6 day jungle and mountain trek. This co-write is in both the Thai language and in English and stems from the roots of blues.

On the electronic or EDM side, there are ongoing productions with Kernowmidi, the home of Glitchface and Nano disk in Cornwall UK, and Dj producers on Koh Phangan in Thailand are among a few of their collaborations.

“2030” was a side project with Kenny Active which involved some remixes of their songs
as well as a few co-write productions and live performances at the HalfMoon festival and other venues.
Day One - remix

Buffalo Bones - remix

Guitara - co-production

Birkett Hall have both been session players on many  recording projects, including scores for television and film, working with Daniel Ross and hisThe Last Spike Jones Collective project, and with many others over time.

They have a new side project in Germany with Hank Davison for 2017: "Hank Davison & friends (aka 432)" featuring Birkett Hall. This show is centered around the unplugged roots of the blues: guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, and their combined fresh take on the tried and true.

There are a few more side projects with other Munich area musicians that are also in the works for 2017.

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